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WELCOME TO THE PROFESSIONAL ONSITE WASTEWATER REUSE ASSOCIATION of NEW MEXICO !(Scroll down to see current NMED updates below)   What we do: POWRANM brings Onsite Wastewater Professionals in New Mexico into contact with resources, opportunities and information. At POWRA we strive to improve our industry. Our members also are members of NOWRA, with whom we are affiliated nationally. We also work closely with NAWT to bring professional credential education to New Mexico. 

Join POWRA and automatically become a member of the National Association,  NOWRA :  POWRA is a NOWRA affiliate. Your membership in POWRA automatically makes you a member of the National association. Visit: or click the NOWRA LINK in the resource box at the right for more information. All members, remember to visit Your names will soon be on the NOWRA "Septic Locator" and you can enjoy the benefits of the POWRANM/NOWRA membership and discounts through the NOWRA website.

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POWRA NEWS UPDATE - from NMED Liquid Waste Division

NMED policy on how they will handle Unpermitted Systems during this time

COVID 19 Liquid Waste Program Protocol

Unpermitted systems; prioritizing them:

1. Inspectors that receive requests for unpermitted system inspections (via drop box or mail) must ascertain if an Installer specialist can complete the registration or if it requires an NMED inspector.

2. Applications for an older system (installed prior to 2/1/02): Inspectors will encourage the applicant to contact an installer specialist.

3. Applications for a newer system (installed on or after 2/1/02): Inspectors must ask the applicant if this can be deferred to a future date. The inspector should engage them in a discussion to determine the necessity.

4. Inspectors must present the application and the applicant’s case to the Staff or District Manager and ask for a determination.

5. Modifying Unpermitted systems:
a. Replace entire system: Any application to replace the entire unpermitted system should be a basis for waiving the unpermitted system inspection by an NMED inspector or installer specialist. The licensed contractor can submit an evaluation (utilizing the unpermitted system inspection form) that accurately describes the system and the failures. The inspector must contact the homeowner to address any questions they may have concerning the failure of all components of the system. The property or homeowner must fully understand that this is the departments role in providing consumer protection. The application to modify the newer unpermitted system should be approved with a previously authorized photo inspection. Please keep in mind this is only during this public health emergency period.

  b. Replace one portion of the system: Any application to replace only one portion of an unpermitted system should be a be a basis of waiving the unpermitted system inspection by an NMED inspector or installer specialist. The licensed contractor can submit an evaluation (utilizing the unpermitted system inspection form) that accurately describes the system and the failures. The inspector must contact the homeowner to address any questions they may have concerning the failure of all components of the system. The property or homeowner must fully understand that this is the department's role in providing consumer protection. The application to modify the newer unpermitted system should be approved with a previously authorized photo inspection. The photo inspection must include the unpermitted tank when only the disposal field is replaced. The tank must be brought into compliance with current requirements. A  modification that only comprises tank replacement must be accompanied by a statement concerning water testing the disposal field. Additionally, it must have photos of the inspection ports and riser over distribution box, when applicable. Please keep in mind this is only during this public health emergency period.

6. Tank Abandonment forms can be completed by the contractor and submitted with photos evidencing proper abandonment

We will strive for consistency across all field offices so please share your reviews with the management
and core team. Please keep in mind we are striving mightily to comply with the Governors order and
minimize contact to only when absolutely necessary




Click for the New Mexico Environment Department Liquid Waste Website for permit searches, permit applications, rules & regulations, approved products and other resources. Link here and in the resource box to the right of this page.

Contractors, Realtors or Homeowners, for questions about an onsite wastewater system, regulation changes, or transfer inspection reports, Contact POWRA President Ralph Baker Dotson or CEO Eugene Bassett

Transfer of Property Inspection Report Forms. Here is a link to the new forms. Please note  page 2  asks for the septic pumpers CERTIFICATION NUMBER. Please make sure you are using a Certified Septic Pumper.
Homeowners & Realtors,make sure you have a properly licensed contractor when having contract work performed. Always verify the name of the company with the name on the license. See the link to Construction Industries to verify contractor information. Also, when having your septic tank pumped,make sure you hire a Certified Septic Pumper. It is required under the Liquid Waste Regulations that all septic pumpers be certified. You can check the link in the resource box at right to the NM Environment Department for a list of Certified Septic Pumpers. Make sure that your septic tank is completely emptied and cleaned properly. Always make sure that both compartments have been properly emptied on all two compartment septic tanks.

Click the Construction Industries Division(CID) website to search for a Licensed Contractor (see link in resource box at the right). Here is a link to the Liquid Waste Permit Application.

LET US HEAR FROM YOU. If you are an onsite wastewater professional, installer, inspector, service provider, manufacturer or distributor, we would love to hear from you about any concerns or suggestions as to how the association might be of assistance to you. Click the "contact us" bar at the left and send us a message.Remember, this is your industry and you should have a say so in it!

A certification class for wastewater professionals at the Continuing Education Conference Center of the University of New Mexico:

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