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What we do: POWRANM brings Onsite Wastewater Professionals in New Mexico into contact with resources, opportunities and information. At POWRA we strive to improve our industry. Our members also are members of NOWRA, with whom we are affiliated nationally and we also work closely with NAWT to bring professional credential education to New Mexico. 

Join POWRA and automatically become a member of the National Association,  NOWRA  POWRA is a NOWRA affiliate. Your membership in POWRA automatically makes you a member of the National association. Visit: or click the NOWRA LINK in the resource box at the right for more information and for member All members, remember to visit Your names will soon be on the NOWRA "Septic Locator" and you can enjoy the benefits of the POWRANM/NOWRA membership and discounts through the NOWRA website.benefits.

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NEWS UPDATE: Job search

The University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center (WRC) is seeking a talented educator with outreach and research experience. This position is responsible for providing research-based education and technical assistance to a variety of individuals regarding subsurface sewage treatment systems. This position provides training, development, and delivery of the nationally recognized Onsite Sewage Treatment Program (OSTP) for certification of onsite sewage treatment professionals in the State of Minnesota. This position also assists the OSTP research program through data collection, analysis, literature review, and report writing on decentralized wastewater management. A successful candidate will possess excellent oral and written communication skills, a passion for incorporating new technology into teaching and learning environments, a knack for program management, and be a collaborative member of the OSTP/WRC team.


For more information on the position and instructions for applying, please visit and search for Job ID 330087. The initial deadline for applications is May 28, 2019.


More updates: 

Spring is here! Spring is a great time to service your septic system. This is a reminder to share EPA’s spring postcard with your partners and affiliates. This customizable postcard serves as a reminder to your community on the importance of regular preventative system maintenance:

SepticSmart Week – EPA is considering planning a field trip with EPA staff and MOU Partners during September’s SepticSmart Week. If your organization is planning to host an event or you know of a site featuring decentralized systems in the District of Columbia metro area, please let us know!

SepticSmart Week proclamations - this is a reminder to start planning outreach activities. Proclamations can be signed by your organization’s leadership, local government or county, or a state governor. Proclamation templates can be found here:

The Partnership’s March webinar on decentralized career perspectives, featuring Mary Clark, Jim Bell, and Bob Rubin is now posted on EPA’s website and can be viewed here:

If anyone plans to attend the Decentralized Workforce meeting on July 9 and/or the NEHA Annual Education Conference in Nashville, TN this year, please let Zach Lowenstein at EPA know. We are considering a “networking” get-together event for the MOU Partners who attend.

EPA is seeking public input on the development its National Water Reuse Action Plan. The plan aims to accelerate the application of water reuse as a safe, reliable, and sustainable way to meet the country’s current and future water demands. EPA will accept public input for the draft Water Reuse Action Plan through July 1, 2019, online via using Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2019-0174. After consideration of the input received, EPA will release a draft Water Reuse Action Plan for public comment in conjunction with the 2019 WateReuse Symposium in San Diego, CA. Additional information can be found here:

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments.


 Ryan Campbell, PMP MDB, Inc.

A Small Business
1101 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 550 , Washington, DC 20036 
(p) 202-470-5308




JOIN US, by clicking the 'Join us" at the left of this page. You can enter data about yourself and pay for your membership by credit card or simply print out an invoice and mail a check to the association. Membership is renewable annually, on your anniversary date of joining.


Click for the New Mexico Environment Department Liquid Waste Website for permit searches, permit applications, rules & regulations, approved products and other resources. Link here and in the resource box to the right of this page.

Contractors, Realtors or Homeowners, for questions about an onsite wastewater system, regulation changes, or transfer inspection reports, Contact POWRA President Ralph Baker Dotson or CEO Eugene Bassett

Transfer of Property Inspection Report Forms. Here is a link to the new forms. Please note  page 2  asks for the septic pumpers CERTIFICATION NUMBER. Please make sure you are using a Certified Septic Pumper.

NEW: Homeowners & Realtors,make sure you have a properly licensed contractor when having contract work performed. Always verify the name of the company with the name on the license. See the link to Construction Industries to verify contractor information. Also, when having your septic tank pumped,make sure you hire a Certified Septic Pumper. It is required under the Liquid Waste Regulations that all septic pumpers be certified. You can check the link in the resource box at right to the NM Environment Department for a list of Certified Septic Pumpers. Make sure that your septic tank is completely emptied and cleaned properly. Always make sure that both compartments have been properly emptied on all two compartment septic tanks.

Click the Construction Industries Division(CID) website to search for a Licensed Contractor (see link in resource box at the right). Here is a link to the Liquid Waste Permit Application.

LET US HEAR FROM YOU. If you are an onsite wastewater professional, installer, inspector, service provider, manufacturer or distributor, we would love to hear from you about any concerns or suggestions as to how the association might be of assistance to you. Click the "contact us" bar at the left and send us a message.Remember, this is your industry and you should have a say so in it!

SEE POWRA RECOGNITION ON THE COVER OF INSTALLER MAGAZINE!! For the POWRA Septic tank giveaway program click this link to see the cover :

A certification class for wastewater professionals at the Continuing Education Conference Center of the University of New Mexico:

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